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How a Personal Trainer Can Change Your Life

Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer - Alex Ho - Bootcamp San Francisco

Exercising and improved eating habits combine to give you a better outlook as well as a healthier body. You may say, “I can exercise on my own” or “I know what foods are good for me.” While they both may be true, a one-on-one relationship with a personal trainer can provide a different perspective so that you can actually change your life, not just by watching what you eat or by purchasing a gym membership. He or she motivates you by making you accountable for meeting your goals. That accountability keeps you honest with yourself. In addition, when you spend money to have someone help you achieve your goals, you are more apt to stick with it. It is just like working and saving to buy a car for yourself as opposed to having it given to you at your whim. You appreciate it more when you put in the blood, sweat and tears.

Skills you learn from your trainer will stay with you for life.

You learn how important exercise is to your overall health. Not just organized exercise, but less structured, like walking upstairs instead of taking the elevator, or parking a distance from your destination and walking, or doing basic housework. Wearing a monitoring device helps keep track of the number of steps you take each day. Some of them even beep when you have been sitting too long, reminding you to get up and move.

Greater self-esteem and improved health are bi-products of working with a personal trainer.

He or she helps you use different exercises to get the desired result, replacing repetitive routines that you may have been doing, and not getting results, with a personalized program to target the areas in which you want to see improvement. He can teach you the proper form and help you understand what to focus on. Progressive improvement builds your confidence. Seeing body fat disappear and the sizes of your limbs, waist, hips and chest change is the visible evidence that you are doing something for yourself, so you can give yourself a pat on the back.

If you consistently work hard, you will see results, both mentally and physically.

Many illnesses and chronic maladies respond well to exercise and prevent or control protracted conditions, which save you time and money in the long run. So, you might want to think of the expense of personal training as a visit to the doctor you did not have to make.

The stressful lives of Americans lead to various illnesses which can be eased or prevented with personal training.

Lack of physical exercise, teamed with inadequate nutrition, causes many of the illnesses that are prevalent today. The benefits of being fit are not just physical; your emotional and mental health will improve also. It is not just about losing weight; it is about changing the way you think about food, focusing more on permanent results than on what the scales show. A healthy outlook impacts and improves depression, confidence, sleep patterns, and anxiety.

Personal training routines increase endorphins in the body and lead to pain relief and a euphoric outlook.

The hectic world in which we live needs a counterbalance to keep us in healthy relationships by absorbing the stress and anxiety and releasing this “happy” chemical. You may find that the ground swell of negative energy that you store may keep you from sleeping well, thereby making you grumpy and grouchy the next day, which keeps you from wanting to exercise. The cycle repeats. That is why feeling accountable to your trainer will help you over these rough spots. When endorphins make you feel good, you may find that you look forward to working out. ( That is the state to which you aspire.

During the interview process, your trainer will review your medical history so he knows what exercises would be detrimental to you, or he can modify your workout routine so that you get the same results without harming you.

He can put you on the right track to help you achieve your goal and set a realistic and healthy time frame. You want to be sure to choose a trainer who is knowledgeable about the interaction of fitness and nutrition so that you are achieving the best results for the money you spend. Your trainer should be aware of the right exercises to receive optimum results.

You will want to feel good vibes.

If you do not feel you can talk to him and unburden yourself after a long day at work, or if he appears uninterested in your overall well- being, you might want to look for a different person. The role of the trainer is not just to put you through exercises; it is also to be a friend, who looks out for your best interests. ( He encourages you, challenges you, monitors your progress, and helps you stay on track to meet your fitness goals.

Bootcamp San Francisco, Alex Ho

Bootcamp San Francisco, Alex Ho

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