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Trainer Circle is a network and service for independent personal trainers.  

Why did we start Trainer Circle?

We know firsthand that being your own boss is really cool. We also know that it can be really tough. Being your own boss is particularly hard because you have to literally take care of EVERYTHING yourself. You basically have to become a small agency, worrying about the product, administration, marketing and sales, etc.


Its clear to us that the ‘self-employed’ are mostly competing against other self-employed people when it comes to their google ranking and customer acquisition making it even harder to be found and establish a brand.

Individuals rarely have a team of marketing or sales people behind them just ready go and so it’s relatively easy to get lost or even discouraged. So, thats where we come in!

We have a lot of experience and enthusiasm for entrepreneurs and even more so for the fitness industry which is why we’ve decided to focusing on coaches. We believe that trainers are the most important professional groups in the fitness industry because on a daily basis they help so many people improve their lives.


What does Trainer Circle want to achieve?

We only work with the best! The goal is to build up a strong network of self-employed trainers who want to take a leading position and stick out in the fitness industry.

We look at the first coaches as partners, who will help us build up Trainer Circle. Our experts will invest a lot of hours for individual support. Depending on your needs we can help with numerous things from SEO for special keywords and strategies for the acquisition of new customers, to the planning of workshops or the goal of becoming a social media influencer.

Overall, we intend to develop various services and technologies that will make life better for trainers and their customers. This starts with the help of a better positioning on the Internet and can go even further with the bookkeeping in the future. Our goal is to help coaches focus on what they do best, let us take care of the knitty gritty!!